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Crossing T’s and dotting I’s is not just a corporate philosophy it’s also the basis of our original company name.


Business & Marketing Coaching

Crossing T’s and dotting I’s

is not just a corporate philosophy it’s also the basis of our original company name.

Since 1997 T.I. Marketing has taken a unique approach to marketing and brand development. 

Cutting through the convoluted language and complex agency garble, TI simplifies the process, cuts through the fat and gets to the point.

In doing so, we take on more of a coaching style role in guiding our clients and advising them through the necessary steps to create awareness and make an impact.

Our 23 years of agency experience and extensive network of professionals allow us to not only create awesome campaigns but execute on them effectively and efficiently.

Details are the foundation of our business, and as such it is our focus to ensure a full understanding of each project we handle. 

Who, how, WHY and where are essential.

Practical Marketing or “Common Sense Marketing” as we like to call it combines strategic thinking with tactical application all the while maintaining focus on what is the task at hand. Our commitment extends from program development, including initial positioning and strategy, through to creative design, art completion and finally into production where required.

Or, if it’s simply the outline and framework you require to implement it yourself, we can help with that too.

How we do it:

Clear directives stem from dialogue. By talking about why you do what you do and understanding your goals and targets, as well as your current road blocks (or as we like to call them – opportunities) we uncover solutions to help better promote your business. Some call it; Consultation…we call it Conversation. The initial discussions determine whether we’re a good fit for each other…if it feels right we’ll make it happen.

We think different and encourage you to do the same!

If 8 out of 10 agree, we want to know what the other 2 thought? If you continue to do what you’ve always done, expect to get what you’ve always got!

Sometimes something new and fresh is needed but very often a clever twist to a current concept can make even more of an impact. Idea generation is what we do. And the love of it is why we do it. If it’s got a message on it, we do it! From printed literature to POS to online communication. If the strategy includes a new Brand look and feel or creative refresh, a website to support your product or service and social media to get the word out then it’s a perfect fit for TI.

Michael White,

Michael White,

Business & Marketing Coach


Clear thoughts produce clear results.

With over 30 years in the Marketing and Promotions business and 23 years owning and operating his own agency, Mike focuses primarily on company and brand positioning putting emphasis on “Common Sense” Marketing.

Mike takes the same, unique approach that he does with his Life and Sport coaching clients to his business development process, understanding that clarity of direction and a commitment to that path are the first, most important steps towards success.

By focussing on where you and your business can make an impact, solve a problem and stand out while doing so, instead of getting caught up in what your competition is doing, or how the current system isn’t working, he shifts the energy to that of pulling towards success, instead of pushing against adversity.

Identifying purpose, belief and why you do what you do, it becomes much easier, and far more enjoyable to create and implement programs and processes that attract success.

Mike has worked with a multitude of industries, both Business to Business and direct to consumer, including numerous clients in the Sports world, Automotive, Optical, Education, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, and even Flying Cars, amongst others.

He has a passion for “thinking different” and is always looking to new and unique ways to make an impact.

Reach out to Mike right now and set up a conversation.

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Let’s talk about why you do what you do. By understanding your goals and targets we will uncover solutions to help better promote your business. The initial discussions will determine whether we’re a good fit for each other…if it feels right we’ll make it happen.

“I’ve experienced TI Marketing professional services for almost 10 years and have been pleased with the success of the programs and materials that have been developed for Transitions Optical in the Canadian market. TI Marketing’s strengths is that they are not afraid of taking on challenging projects, they develop very creative programs and have a very friendly team.”

Isabelle Tremblay

Transitions Optical Inc.