Adversity, or negativity in the game of life is quite common. We are faced with bad bounces, tough breaks and unfortunate situations everywhere we turn. We kind of live in a world of negativity these days…just watch the news. In fact, a recent study has shown us we have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day, and what’s staggering is that 80% of those thoughts are actually negative :o. How we respond to them however, dictates the experiences you have moving forward. What we know from prior lessons is that you are not able to control what has already happened, whether or not that’s last year, last month, last week or 5 minutes ago.

The past is out of our control and once we get that through our pre-programmed, negative based skulls, we’ll find ourselves in a much better position to enjoy life fuller. There are two really good approaches to take regarding adversity that can help alleviate and even embrace the situations.

TIP: The first is to see adversity as something other than negative. I like to refer to adversity, as “Contrast”, for contrast, by definition, is simply something different than what you expected. It’s indifference and within indifference comes opportunity. So start to see negativity and adversity as opportunity instead and you can begin to actually embrace it when it occurs. Which is the second approach…embracing Contrast. If we see every instance of adversity as opportunity and we “embrace it” as beneficial to our growth and wellbeing, we learn quicker from the experience and take away the learning’s and grow within ourselves much faster. So start seeing adversity as opportunity, embrace it, learn from it and grow from it. What you focus on you attract!