Mental Fitness Training For Hockey


Improve your mental strength and improve your game in hockey and in life! Once you reach a certain level of physical ability in the game, the mental part becomes far more prominent, yet we also understand the value that the mental game has on improving the physical one.

In hockey, the game is responsive. It requires “knee jerk” reactivity and instant response to many situations. You don’t have time to think and assess prior to making decisions. The concept of learning “not to think” is at the heart of mental training. And although seemingly contradictory, the whole point of mental training, especially in hockey, is to ensure you are prepared and in a position to “act” automatically without thought.

As we have been taught to always pivot towards the play, we can also teach our brain to pivot towards the better decision. By implementing even a few of the concepts in this book, you’re likely to shift your game to a better place, improve your experience and, likely see your performance improve.

What you focus on you attract! Hope you enjoy it.