The ball knows what you’re thinking

mental fitness training for GOLF

Improve your mental strength and improve your game, in Sport and in Life! One-on-one programs or online monthly subscriptions are available.

One-On-One Coaching

Mental Coaching for golfers

How it Works

Your attitude on the golf course should be your #1 concern—and will be your #1 ally in achieving your best rounds. A certain level of physical skill is certainly required to play a solid round of golf, that is unquestionably true, however what sets apart good golfers from great golfers, is the state of their mental game. How they are able to keep focus and stay positive when things are going both well, and not so well separates the two.

We know that golf is an imperfect game … you can’t control the weather conditions, you can’t control the bounces, you can’t control the competition and you certainly can’t control the shot you just made. However, you can control the shot you’re about to hit and most importantly, you can control your Attitude towards it!

By training your brain to focus on the now – on the shot you’re about to make, you learn not to think about the future (i.e. your score), or previous mistakes. Nothing but the moment you are in matters and it’s the only thing you can control.

We teach a combination of confidence, process, routine, visualization and focus along with a major emphasis on personal energy, body language, emotion and feeling. Move your game to the next level by improving your mental strength.

“Improve your brain, improve your game!”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • When I’m on the tee all I think of is what not to do.
  • When I hit a bad shot I get upset with myself.
  • I tend to let one bad hole ruin my entire round.
  • If I play poorly it can wreck my whole day.
  • I set goals based on the score I want to post, or the number of birdies I want to make.
  • I judge my game based on my score.
  • Why on earth is he/she going for this in two, what are they thinking?
  • What’s wrong with him/her?
  • It’s downhill…couldn’t they see that?
  • What possibly could have motivated him/her to pull driver on this hole?
  • I am so not talking to them on the drive home, what an embarrassment that was.
  • I just need to push them a little harder.

If any of those statements resonate with you, you’re a perfect candidate for mental coaching.

And, for the record, we haven’t yet met a single person who couldn’t use some form of mental coaching.


“Michael White is a mental game coach with a very unique approach…he mixes personal energy, positive emotion and feeling into the mix, while ensuring that maximum confidence, focus and visualization are established”

Ian Doig – Tour Player, Coach, Student, Mentor and Golfer

The fine details



Confidence – how your self-value ultimately dictates your success


Gratitude – The understanding and importance that it plays in your life


Adversity – how you handle negativity (or as we call it “Contrast”) in your life or in your sport impacts your attitude and thus, the experience you have.


Emotion – how your personal energy works and how to leverage it to improve your experience.


Visualization – the importance of seeing your success before it even happens. “I’ll see it when I believe it”!


Belief – how trusting in yourself and trusting in the process impacts the end results


Judgment – how re-training yourself to stop judging others and yourself leads to greater success.


Allowance – how “getting out of your own way” creates results.

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