G 1. 12 Control the Controllable’s 

Possibly one of the most straightforward, yet powerful strategies to implement in the game of golf. Understanding that your attitude and your approach dictates the results you have is key to your success, not only on the golf course but on the course of life as well. By taking charge of that which you can actually control, you position yourself to not only reap better results, but also, and just as importantly, ensure you have a better experience. We often lose focus and allow outside influences to negatively affect our performance. And those influences are often the one’s we have no control over. Consider weather for example. How many times do you let wind, rain or extreme heat be the reason for a less than stellar performance on the course? I hear it all the time; “I had everything going…until the wind kicked up…or, until it started raining…” News flash; the only reason you are letting those uncontrollables control you is that you’re not playing with confidence and not playing in the moment.

TIP: If you feel excuses coming on, or influences starting to negatively affect you, ask yourself the question; “what can I control here”? The right answer will be; assessing the shot I’m about to make, preparing the best way I can and executing to the best of my ability. The rest is out of your control. When you focus on what you can’t control, you give it power, and it usually wins. Put attention to what you can control. What you focus on you attract!