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SPORT COACHING | Stefan Clemens, Soccer Coach and Instructor, Bay Area, California

Phil Esposito 7, HOF 1984 “I say, get every hockey coach in every association across North America to read “Get Your Head In The Game”; it’ll change their experience and, most importantly, improve the experience of their players.”


The mental part of golf often gets overlooked.

Personally, I’m a huge proponent of ensuring the attitude you take to the course is in the best possible state it can be. I encourage and guide all my clients to understand this.

Michael White is a mental game coach with a very unique approach…he mixes personal energy, positive emotion and feeling into the mix, while ensuring that maximum confidence, focus and visualization are established.

His philosophy is effective not only on the golf course, but also applies to many aspects of life in general, which is why he works so well with Junior and developing, elite players.

I not only recommend Mike to my clients, but have also used his services directly. He has helped me understand where my own focus and attention is required and has helped me to “think different” as he calls it.

Together we have developed a supportive strategy and partnership and I look forward to continued success as we develop elite golfers together.”

Ian Doig

Tour Player, Coach, Student, Mentor and Golfer


Mike White’s approach to the mental game of golf supports and enhances my teaching philosophy very well. We are very much on the same page and understand that a golfers mind is as much a part of the success in the game as their swing.

I recommend Mike to anyone looking to take his or her game to the next level. I also recommend my clients to him.

Murray St. Onge

Head Teaching Pro, Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club


I think this could be a great tool for not only coaches (goodness knows they all need it) 🙂 but for many facets of our society. I really think you are onto something critical for the advancement of any individual who is serious about becoming a professional, whether it be an athlete, coach or any path chosen.

Congratulations on a much needed topic as I’ve experienced much of what is in your book and think this could be a great read and education for all.

Gary Leeman

(former NHL player)


‘Get your head in the Game’, is an outstanding tool to better yourself as a coach and a person. You still have to learn the game, but how you carry yourself every day, and how you react to things, matter. It’s not about putting kids in the NHL, it’s about putting kids in a better position to succeed in life and isn’t that what everyone wants.

Jack Valiquette

former NHL player and parent


Mike and I have been working together for over 2 years. There are so many things I could talk about that Mike has helped me with. From the control of simple daily habits, to techniques in how to control the mind under extremely intense athletic competition. Mike’s use of theory and research allows him to understand how thoughts, emotion and habits effect success.

The most prevalent thing I have learned from Mike is this. Control what you can. Simple to say and comprehend, incredibly difficult to implement. Learning to control what you can will help make your life less stressful, eliminate doubt and regret and allow full satisfaction in knowing you have contributed all you could to a given situation.

I cannot thank him enough for the work we have done. I would not have achieved the level of success I have personally and athletically without his help.”

Drew Nesbitt

PGA Playing Professional


Some coaches create an environment that just sucks the fun out of the game for many young players. As a result, you see them dropping out of the game way too soon. That’s why I like Michael White’s approach – it puts the emphasis back on the coaches and helps them realize just how much influence they have on the young players of today. I also like Michael’s idea of thinking different; that we can each affect our own outcome by focussing on our own thoughts and our own actions. And this message is powerful not just for hockey, but also for pretty much every aspect of your life. We all need a little positivity in our lives these days and who knew you could actually train yourself to think different?

I say, get every hockey coach in every association across North America to read “Get Your Head In The Game”; it’ll change their experience and, most importantly, improve the experience of their players. After all, they’re our future and we owe it to them to give our best in order to make a positive difference in their lives

Phil Esposito

7, HOF 1984


Mike did some great work with my daughter with her athletics as she was facing some mental hurdles which Mike helped her leap over. She still talks about some of the things that Mike talked over with her.

Mike Campbell


I was standing off on my own when Mike approached me and we held a very dynamic and interesting conversation. During this conversation I noticed something so exciting within Mike. I used the word dynamic as it best describes his disposition. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

Mike was discussing with me his new business as a Mental Fitness Trainer. Now, if you had asked me 6 months ago to listen to someone explain their life coaching business, I might have walked away, politely of course. His conversation was different. The positive energy radiating from Mike was amazing! The information he was sharing left me wanting more, I wanted to feel like he did about myself and my life.

I left the event and found myself thinking more and more about our discussion. I decided to call Mike and ask if he would be my Mental Fitness Trainer. I was delighted when he answered yes and we have been working together ever since. I wanted to move past this point of my life and make more of it, not just exist but really start living and understand what that meant!

Each week Mike and I conduct a session (one hour) and every session enlightens me, opening my mind to really learn and look at myself in a positive and loving way. I knew I had work to do on myself and I am now doing just that. I truly believe I am a good person and life is mine to experience in a positive way. I am able to receive and have learnt that what I put out I will receive. Mike has taught me, and continues to teach me, to ‘shift my energy’ and pivot to the positive, to really look at every aspect of my life and realize it is my decision to have a positive interaction or outcome. Every expectation can be positive. This new journey I am on is a life-long adventure to enjoy.

Mike and I constantly discuss the laws of attraction and what that means; to believe and you will receive. Mike has taught me, and is teaching me, many tools that I AM using; some more effective than others (for me). I am unlocking the door to let Kim out; I am pivoting to the positive in my life. Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you choose to respond. This is my life, I decide!

Thank you to Mike, my personal Mental Fitness Trainer. I look forward to our continuing work together. There was a reason I went to that event in February. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason!



Mike helped me to identify issues that stood in the way of me accessing my full power. The enlightening conversations and his techniques for breaking down my thought barriers helped me to pin point the one element of my life that was controlling all my outcomes; that being my Self Worth. The day that I embraced how valuable I am as a person brought tears to my eyes and opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Theresa Dugwell


Working with Mike has been one of the most positive and eye-opening experiences in my life. He has given me thought-provoking exercises to dig deep and to heal. Many changes have transpired in our few months together: I am learning to trust in my beliefs, I recognize that I am of value, and Mike’s assistance in helping me learn to love myself more each day has blessed me with confidence and a fresh outlook on my future. I am a much more loving person than I was only a few short months ago. His tools and processes have been key to my shift of vibration. He is attentive, he is compassionate, and he offers up many self experiences to relate. I look forward to my weekly calls with him and having him show up in my life when I needed it most has made me confirm my trust in the Universe.

Kelly Bow


We have worked with Michael for over 20 years and have always found him to be insightful and professional. He works towards what is best for his client and and is a true team player. We would highly recommend Michael and feel he would be a true asset to help with your next project.

Michelle Errington

BCG - Boorne Canadian Graphics


I personally had always been skeptical about the Personal Coaching Industry. That changed dramatically when Michael came to visit our Business Networking Group and applied for membership.

We are a group of 45 businesses, each in a different field of work who meet weekly to learn more about each other’s businesses and find referrals for each other.

From the first meeting he attended I could feel his positive energy having an impact on our entire group. Each week we have 30 seconds to give an “infomercial”. This is a time where you educate your fellow members about your business and your ideal client. Michael uses his time to treat us with his tip of the week. We all look forward to his insightful advice and there is no question that we are all better humans as a result.

I have used Michael’s services as a coach and found him to be a thoughtful listener and an insightful advisor. His inspirational advice has helped me to realize that I create my own energy in the way that I think. In a very short time and surprisingly easily, I have been able to shift my focus and create a more positive reality.

I would recommend Michael as a personal coach to anyone.

Bev Morgan


Michael is smart, insightful and is completely invested in my success. I can’t explain how beneficial he has been to getting me and my company on a productive path. Every decision maker owes it to themself to have a conversation with Michael. Be prepared to be impressed.

Neil Chomos

B Fit Personal Training

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