Un-Stuck Yourself

by Nov 4, 2020Life

Finding Gratitude during Covid.

100%, one of the most powerful factors towards personal growth!

Gratitude; it’s not only about appreciating what you currently have and where you’ve been, but it’s within the act of gratitude that will actually pave the way for a better tomorrow.

We get “stuck” because we focus on “stuck” and the stuff that “stucks” us there 🤪.

Instead, when we focus on the things that we have and the value they provide, we actually change our internal energy. We raise our personal vibration, and that’s when we attract more of those same feelings and consequentially, the opportunities that align with those feelings.

With the holidays fast approaching, and the most bizarre social environment many of us have ever experienced in our lives, thanks to Covid… we find ourselves searching for ways to feel better, to find some normalcy and positivity in our current experience.

Many of us won’t be able to see our families and loved ones at all this year.

Both of my daughters are in different parts of the world and travel simply won’t happen for us, so we need a coping mechanism to manage this new reality.

Gratitude, for me, has been that coping mechanism, and not just for the approaching holiday season, but in navigating 2020 in general.

By “living in gratitude”, I’ve been able to find good in every day, pull myself from the depths of grief and begin to attract new opportunities, situations, and even people into my life.

There’s no coincidence that my focus on that which is good, instead of that which is not, has helped me exponentially.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s something we really don’t focus on. 

The “unstucking” process can be found in the act of gratitude.

Reach out and let’s discuss how you can “unstuck” yourself. 

Be well.


– Mike White

What you focus on you attract!