Clean up your self-talk

by Apr 30, 2020Life

Clean up the self-talk in your head

Whether you’re an athlete, a coach or a parent – Whether you’re dealing with a health issue or a business decision – Whether you’re going through a relationship break up or a tough personal decision…

No matter what you’re currently in the middle of, I bet you’ve got a ton of negative self-talk going on in your head.

It’s likely you’re experiencing frustration, anxiety, anger, disappointment, uncertainty or lack of confidence, among others. Each of these negative thoughts are holding you back from achieving your wishes, your targets (goals) or desires.

When we allow the negative self-talk to control our thoughts, we actually cut off the likelihood of our success.

And although negative self-talk has been bred into most of us from the time we were young, the good news is that you can train your brain to suppress, minimize and even eliminate those negative beliefs altogether and replace them with positive conversations that will help you stay focussed and achieve your desires.

It starts with what you think about.


When you hear that negative voice in your head, recognize it as just that – negative. And ask yourself what you would prefer to think?
Is it confidence? Is it optimal health? Is it calm and ease? Is it control?…

Decide on your chosen belief and then envision how you’ll feel when you complete or achieve your desire.
What will it feel like to have your success?

Stay in that feeling place and trust that when you do, you’re desires become your reality.

You see, a belief is a thought you keep thinking.

So clean up your self-talk and you’ll change your reality.

It all starts with you.

Live Life Awake!

Michael White, Mental Fitness Coach