Live Life Awake

by Sep 30, 2015Life

The term “Live Life Awake” means different things to different people when they hear it. And I’ve realized it has a number of different meanings for me as well.

Specifically, right now; my wife, Kate and I are venturing into a new chapter in our lives and I can only describe what we are doing as “Living Life awake”.

A number of months ago we sold our home and most of our personal belongings and decided to travel across North America for the next year or two in a 40 foot Motorhome named “Jack”.

That’s right, everything we have ever known and the habits and daily rituals are a thing of the past.

Our kids have grown (our two girls both currently live in Australia now and our youngest is in his first year of College) so we decided to venture out ourselves. The kicker, is that we’re not the super rich, semi retired couple on a mid life escapade, instead, we’re building a business on the road, exploring opportunities, meeting new people and seeing places we’ve never seen before along the way.

I’m telling you this for one reason only and that is; to assess your priorities in life. To understand what is truly important for you. And to recommend that you act upon and do the things in your life that you wish to do, before you regret it.

Now I’m not necessarily saying to take it to the extreme like we have, it could be as simple as a vacation that you’ve always wanted to take, or even a dinner out to celebrate a milestone that you never did…

How many seniors do you know who look back on their life and say; “I wish I had done this, or wish I had done that”…

We have decided that NOW is the time for us – and let’s face it, if we tried to pick the perfect time to do it, we’d still be planning.

So my tip is to start.

Start by knowing what you desire, what’s important to you and what really matters.

Then start by taking action and make it happen.

Don’t be that person who regrets not trying something.

My life used to be all about getting stuff, now it’s all about doing stuff.

Live Life Awake

Michael White