What you focus on, you attract

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Yellow cars aren’t very common, however, if you put your attention to them and make the effort to look for them you’ll be amazed at how many you see. 

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The Yellow Car Story

When I was young and our family would take road trips, my Dad used to have us look for yellow cars to keep us busy (to shut us up) and pass the time.


I was really good at it and made certain I’d count more than my sister (I was a little competitive) although I’m still not completely sure she cared that much. Interestingly, not only would I count more Yellow Cars than her, I would continue to see Yellow Cars for days to follow.

I realize now, that what I was doing was training my brain to focus solely on Yellow Cars. And when I focused (so clearly) on them, they’d show up. I programmed a new habit that has stuck with me ever since…I still see Yellow Cars everywhere!

This concept led me to a further realization; if we can do it with Yellow Cars, why not anything else?


In golf, for example, when you focus on bunkers, water hazards or other obstacles, the ball tends to go there…yet when you only see fairways and greens, the game seems easy and low scores follow.

In business, when you focus solely on your competition you often lose sight of what it is you’re doing and often find yourself in a reactive state instead of a proactive one.


I challenge you to look for Yellow Cars this week. Whether on your way to work, to Yoga, to the golf course, taking your kids to dance, hockey or soccer, look for Yellow Cars.

Look for Yellow Cars, in parking lots, look for Yellow Cars on the street, even look for Yellow Cars in people’s driveways. And see how many Yellow Cars you see in a week. (I even encourage you to keep track and send me your findings).

Then, after seeing how quickly and easily Yellow Cars appear, determine what it is in your sport, or in your life that you’d like to attract more of. Maybe it’s more fairways, or better ball striking in golf. Or maybe it’s a better relationship with your partner at home or a co-worker at the office.

Whatever it might be, put the same effort in as you do for the Yellow Cars. When you do, you’ll be surprised at what shows up.


“What you focus on you attract”

That’s the Yellow Car Philosophy.


One-on-one mental coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your mental game, boost your performance, and make lasting changes. Our mental coaching programs are tailored to each individual; as no person is the same nor is any program like the other.

Michael White,

Michael White,

Mental Fitness Coach

As a Certified Law of Attraction Success Coach, Mike understands that we each have the ability to create the results we desire in anything we tackle. Through a combination of mental focus and the implementation of new, positive thinking habits, we are able to develop new skills to achieve a better experience and greater success.


Mike grew up in Toronto and played hockey in the GTA, including 4 years at the Jr level. He then coached the game, ran a skills camp and coached some more. It was hockey that taught him much about leadership, teamwork and the influence of how effort, preparedness and focus contribute to results.

His leadership skills took him into the Marketing industry where he created and ran his own Marketing agency for over 23 years, through which he still consults with small business clients today. He learned the value of creating brands and specifically the understanding and importance of your own personal brand, which is a key component to personal development in today’s competitive environment. 

He has a keen interest in Golf as well and has coached and mentored Junior golfers and PGA professionals since 2013.

Mike has always been involved with community and is a founding member of a Mental Health Awareness Campaign (Start Talking) in the Simcoe County region of Ontario where he formerly resided. He is a board member with an Energy Healing Charity (RNO) and is also a member of the CCP (Connected Coach Partners), a Vancouver based coaching group.

His book, Get Your Head In The Game – Mental Fitness Training for Hockey Coaches, is available online.  Phil Esposito wrote the foreword and together they are excited about seeing youth stay in the game longer and have the best experience possible; that they can use during their playing days and beyond.

“I say, get every hockey coach in every association across North America to read “Get Your Head In The Game”; it’ll change their experience and, most importantly, improve the experience of their players.”

– Phil Esposito 7, HOF 1984

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Mike White’s approach to the mental game of golf supports and enhances my teaching philosophy very well. We are very much on the same page and understand that a golfers mind is as much a part of the success in the game as their swing. I recommend Mike to anyone looking to take his or her game to the next level. I also recommend my clients to him

Murray St. Onge

Head Teaching Pro, Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club